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Industry Table

The Industry Table is designed to help you understand industry trends in any given region. The table can show data related to jobs, growth, earnings, completions, demographics, and more. 

To begin the report, decide if you would like to see data for All Available industries in the region or Limit by Industry. Then type in your region of choice (census subdivision, census division, CMA, province, or nation) and select an option from the dropdown menu. 

In this example, we will be showing data for all available industries in the Vancouver CMA

Next, under Select the data you would like to display, choose data groups from the provided options or click Custom Data Selection (as we did below) to narrow your results further. Here is what we used for our table:

Keep in mind that you can adjust the timeframe of the table when you’re inside the report. Once you’ve narrowed your search results, click Select. Then click Run.


The report now shows a table containing the data selected from the start page: all industries in the Vancouver CMA by NAICS code, job count, job change, location quotient, and shift share (industry mix effect, national growth effect, expected change, and competitive effect). Clicking any one label at the top of the table will organize the data by that specific dataset–for example, clicking “competitive effect” will sort the table to rank industries by highest to lowest competitive effect. 

To filter the data further, you can change the industries from 4-digit NAICS to 2- or 3-digit NAICS using the button above the table. You can also use the Filter and Add/Remove Columns buttons to refine your search results.


Note that for industries with less than 10 jobs in the selected region, you will see “Insufficient Data” (abbreviated as “Insf. Data”) displayed in some columns. This occurs when the small number of jobs makes it impossible to calculate meaningful data for a given metric (for example, see the Change and % Change columns for “Hunting and trapping” above). 

If you would like to pull data for the same group of industries in another report within Analyst, simply click the checkboxes on the left of the table for all applicable industries and click +Create Group. Name the group and save it for quick access in other reports. 

You can also save your project or export this report using the buttons in the upper right-hand corner.  


If you have any questions concerning the Industry Table, please contact our customer service team by using the Submit a Question feature on the right side of the page. 

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Submit a Question

Let us know what specific questions we can help you with (we may even add your question to our knowledge base).