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Occupation by Location

The Occupations by Location report provides a detailed regional map built to help you compare key occupation-specific data like job count, job growth, wages, location quotient, and more across different geographies.

To start the report, select the occupation(s) for which you’d like to see data. Then under Select Regions, you can choose All Available (which shows all of Canada, broken out by province) or Limit by Region (census subdivision, census division, CMA, province, or nation). In this example, we’ll be looking at accommodation service managers in the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA

Next, under Select the data you would like to display, choose data groups from the provided options or click Custom Data Selection to customize your results further. For our table, we’ve selected Jobs & Growth, Location Quotient, and Wages. Once you’ve selected your desired data points, click Run

Remember that once inside the report, you can add or remove data groups and adjust the time frame at any point.


At the top of the report is a map which displays the region you’ve selected. If you’ve chosen a geographic region that can be further subdivided, then the subdivisions will be displayed on the map and broken out in the results table below. For example, since we’re looking at the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA, our map shows the census subdivisions that comprise the CMA. Each section will be colored according to whatever column you have selected from the results table below. In our example, the location quotient column is selected, so our map displays this data. 

To better understand what the map is showing, look at the table below the map: 

Here we can see that La Vallee-de-la-Gatineau, highlighted in the darkest blue above, has a fairly high LQ for accommodation service managers (4.70). Papineau (LQ 4.62) is not far behind. 

It’s important to note that while several of these census divisions have fewer than 20 jobs, they are part of a larger total. If we look at the bottom row of the table, we can see that there were actually 236 accommodation service manager jobs in the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA in 2019. 

Also note that for census divisions with less than 10 jobs in the selected occupation, you will see “Insufficient Data” (abbreviated as “Insf. Data”) displayed in some columns. This occurs when  the small number of jobs makes it impossible to calculate meaningful data for a given metric (see the job change and wage columns for the Prescott and Russell census division above). 

If you have any questions concerning the Occupations by Location report, please contact our customer service team by using the Submit a Question feature on the right side of the page.

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Submit a Question

Let us know what specific questions we can help you with (we may even add your question to our knowledge base).